Maternity Leave

So I’m currently working for a company that doesn’t really offer maternity leave! They’re making me go through loops and holes to get any type of leave.

Here’s the break down

  • I can’t take leave before the baby comes. I’d have to request vacation time for that if I need time off.
  • I can only submit short term disability through the state starting the day I give birth. Short term disability from the state only gives up to six weeks off with pay.
  • If I want more time than six weeks I’d have to request for vacation time again, if I still have any left over. (Total vacation hours my company gives within a year is 80 hours, that’s 2 weeks)
  • If I want more time than that, I can take an unpaid leave of absence for up to a year.

So, all in all of what’s listed above, it seems like I’d only get about eight weeks off with baby! Eight weeks is only two months!!! šŸ˜± That’s just ridiculous!!!! I’m appalled that the “corporation” that I work for doesn’t offer more.

How did you moms to be go about getting maternity leave?

How long were you out of work?

And out of all the time out of work, how much of that was actual paid time off?


Cloth DiapersĀ 

Hi Moms and Moms to be

How do you feel about cloth diapers? I’m going to be completely honest with you…I haven’t done actual research on it, so please don’t bash me on this one! And my intention is to get the knowledge from other mothers as well, and not make it a controversial subject.

So how does this all work? I understand that it’s supposed to be cost effective and eco friendly, but how does it work? How is it cleaned to be reused again? In my head (because I haven’t really done the research) to clean it, you just throw it in the washer? But doesn’t that mean that all the poo is gonna be all over my washer and other items I wash with it? And wouldn’t it also clog up the pipes? But even if we’re supposed to clean it off before we throw it in the washer, how would you do that? Rinse it in the sink or tub? Wouldn’t that also clog up the pipes? Or even if we’re supposed to use napkins or wipes to clean it before we throw it in the wash, how is that Eco friendly cause it’s more trash and double the work?

I’m just confused on the whole experience. I’ve asked my other friends that are mothers and they say even though it’s cost efficient and Eco friendly, they still use diapers. I don’t mind trying it out to see how it helps me, knowing that I’ll be out of work for a few months.

Please comment on your experience or educate me on this subject. I’m sorry if I made it seem rude or mean in anyway, that wasn’t my intention. Thank you.