Wow. Time Flies

Wow! It’s been a year since I’ve been on here. What can I say. I’ve been busy. I had a baby….obviously! She was born in May 2016. I’ve been learning something new every day as she’s learning and growing. I couldn’t do the whole “school & work & baby”! But I sure am doing the “work & baby”! Staying home with my baby and working from home has put a toll on me. I’ve starting having panic attacks and anxiety that I’ve never had before. It literally makes me feel like I’m dying. My chest starts to tighten up and it gets hard for me to breathe. My heart is racing so fast it’s almost like it’s not even beating. My eyesight goes blurry and I become light headed and dizzy. Whoa! That’s crazy. And that happens I’d say about once every week or so! No I haven’t seen a doctor about it because my insurance cancelled because I’m not “working” a real job. When I say I work from home, I work for my husband! He’s the part owner of a small garage door installation company. They don’t have medical insurance. So…..I’m working with Medi-Cal and Covered California right now to get some insurance. Just my luck it’s the year of the “Trump” and he’s trying to do away with “Obama Care” which here it’s called “Covered California”


Well, there’s so much that had happened and that keeps on happening. It’s almost like I’m in a movie or a really bad drama. They’ll be more to come from me in the next few days, weeks. I’m so excited to be planning my babies first birthday. It’s gonna be so much fun.

Woot Woot



I’m due on May 22nd…which is right around the corner to me. I’m still working at my normal full time job until I hit 36 weeks. I’m thinking of quitting that job when it’s time to go back. The travel and the stress for this job position is just not for me anymore, especially with a new baby! I’ve asked multiple times for a transfer to a closer store located right around the corner from my home. But for some reason they don’t want to let me go. It’s like if I leave that location, that is 1 hour away from home, the store is going to fall apart. Well, my husband has his own business with a friend. Their business is growing and expanding and need more workers. I’m already on the list for them when they need the help. So, I’m thinking of staying home and working for my husband from home when the baby come. I’d be doing job estimates, invoices, ordering supplies, billing and other office management duties. Which is what I’m doing now but for a corporation. I’d love to stay home with our new baby and work from home. All in all, I’d be working only a few hours a day and I wouldn’t have to leave the house or my baby! At the same time, my husband is so encouraging, that he wants me to go back to school to pursue what I’ve always wanted to do. So, I also just recently reenrolled in online classes for the medical field. My goal, hopefully, is to be done with school by this time next year. That way I can get a better job in doing what I love to do. But at the same time, I still want to be a stay at home mom and just work from home helping my husband with his business.

So, in a shorter less confusing way, within the next couple of months….I will be quitting my current job, I am enrolled in online classes, I will become a first time mother, and I’ll be helping my husband with his business. Am I crazy? Can I actually pull off having a new baby, while working and going to school? If other woman out there can do it, then why can’t I?

How rude?

Today at work we were allowed to wear sports outfits instead of our usual work uniform. I have a certain sports tshirt on that is clearly tight around my pregnant body. Normally I wear our work jacket to cover up my pregnant body. I haven’t witness any rude comments up until today. And I’m sure more will come. 

The maintenance guy came to complete the ticket I had submitted a week ago to change out the dead light bulbs. I noticed he kept starring at me. He hasn’t been around our store for a few months so he doesn’t know that I’m expecting. Out of nowhere he asked me, “So are you really bloated or are you actually pregnant?” 

I stopped and looked at him and felt very uncomfortable but responded with a smirk and “yeah I’m pregnant” and walked away. As I was walking away he decided to try and ease the tension by responding with, “oh I really like little babies” 

I didn’t know what to say after that, so I picked up the company phone and pretended to help a customer over the phone.

I’m 6 months pregnant and actually I do just look like I may have ate to much at the buffet. I feel/look a lot smaller then I should be. But still, that doesn’t mean that you can ask someone if they are FAT or just PREGNANT! 

me…6 months preggos!

Cloth Diapers 

Hi Moms and Moms to be

How do you feel about cloth diapers? I’m going to be completely honest with you…I haven’t done actual research on it, so please don’t bash me on this one! And my intention is to get the knowledge from other mothers as well, and not make it a controversial subject.

So how does this all work? I understand that it’s supposed to be cost effective and eco friendly, but how does it work? How is it cleaned to be reused again? In my head (because I haven’t really done the research) to clean it, you just throw it in the washer? But doesn’t that mean that all the poo is gonna be all over my washer and other items I wash with it? And wouldn’t it also clog up the pipes? But even if we’re supposed to clean it off before we throw it in the washer, how would you do that? Rinse it in the sink or tub? Wouldn’t that also clog up the pipes? Or even if we’re supposed to use napkins or wipes to clean it before we throw it in the wash, how is that Eco friendly cause it’s more trash and double the work?

I’m just confused on the whole experience. I’ve asked my other friends that are mothers and they say even though it’s cost efficient and Eco friendly, they still use diapers. I don’t mind trying it out to see how it helps me, knowing that I’ll be out of work for a few months.

Please comment on your experience or educate me on this subject. I’m sorry if I made it seem rude or mean in anyway, that wasn’t my intention. Thank you.


How does everyone feel about woman breastfeeding in public. It’s become a real  controversial subject around the world, it seems just as recently. Why is that?! Woman have been breastfeeding for hundreds of thousands of years and so why now is it such a big deal? I’m sure the people who have something to say were also breastfeed when they were a child. I just don’t see the point to have anything negative to say about something that is needed and natural to human life! 

This society is just filled with sexuality and pervertedness, that it’s OK for breast to be a sexual symbol but it’s not OK to be a HEALTH symbol. If it’s OK for woman to be walking around half naked showing off their breast, then why isn’t it OK for woman to feed their hungry baby, which in reality the breast is covered?!

Let me tell you that I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my first child at 30 years old. And I am for sure planning on breastfeeding my baby! And I don’t care what anyone has to say to me!