So I’m not due till May 22nd. But I’ve heard that for some preschools, there’s a waiting list to get in and that you should get on the list or atleast apply to the school before the baby arrives. And I was shocked to find out that preschools can start for your child as early as two and a half years old and as long as baby is potty trained. This is amazing! I’m over here thinking that preschool doesn’t start until the child is 4 or 5 years old! I was planning on staying home all the way until baby goes to preschool. So now that I know it starts as early as 2.5 years old and potty trained, I’m so relieved. I wasn’t sure on how finances would be with just my husband working. 

I’ve done my research, or really asked around. And I’m going to be sending my child to our churches preschool and elementary school. My husband and I feel it’s the best move for our child if we want our child growing up knowing and loving the Lord, as we do. 💒🙏🏽📖

(Please don’t judge or make any unnecessary comments on religion. Thank you.)


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